Offer a free trial to your users

Increase your IAP conversions by letting your users try premium features for a limited time


Why Trialy?

Trialy makes it super easy to create a free trial for your Android and iOS app in-app-purchases. Trialy takes care of the heavy lifting for you (using server-side checks with customizable grace periods to allow offline use, for example) so you can focus on developing an amazing app.


Why offer a free trial?

Typical conversion rates for IAPs hover around 1-4%. By allowing your users to "try before they buy", you can increase conversions tenfold! Check out our white paper on how indie app studio JLSoft doubled its revenue with Trialy.


Ready in minutes

Simply get a free API key, set how long the trial should last (e.g. 7 days) and include our Android library in your app project, which takes two lines of code - no need to change your app's architecture or user flow. Voilá, you're done!